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TBB Tours would like to introduce you to off road riding “Thai style”. Unlike the UK and parts of Europe where it is getting increasingly difficult to go for a good day’s off road ride, northern Thailand has an abundance of trails criss-crossing the countryside just waiting to be explored by you on one of our fully kitted Honda CRF300s.We are fortunate as these tracks and trails are right on our doorstep so we have built a variety of challenging and not so challenging tours for your enjoyment. Our main focus is Mae Hong Son province which is officially the most mountainous province in Thailand so as you may imagine, that means it’s under-populated and has great tracks and trails with stunning scenery!

But wait a minute – CRF300s??? Yes, we take Honda’s ultra-reliable and easy handling CRF250L and give it more pep! A stroked engine, different throttle body and ECU and a pipe liberate a useful 8BHP over stock. OK, they’re not going to give a competition enduro bike a serious run but they’re not going to overwhelm you and get you into serious trouble either. Customer feedback has been great since we’ve been doing the mods (2016 season)

Sounds good. What can I expect?

As mentioned previously, the Mae Hong Son province is Thailand’s least populous. However, it does host a lot of “hilltribe” people. These are people who normally don’t have full Thai citizenship and who, yes you’ve guessed it – live in the hills! As such, there’s a network of trails criss-crossing the province linking various hilltribe villages. These trails vary in terrain from some that are for serious 4 x 4 vehicles only and are unpassable in the wet season to easier open “fire road” style routes. There’s nothing more humbling than being all kitted up on your tuned CRF riding along thinking “yeah I’m on it!” only to have some hilltribe kid with his granny on the back and a sack of rice in the U-frame come past you . Ha ha ha! That’s also part of the beauty and awesomeness of riding like this with us – you really are “off the beaten track” and get to experience stuff that the guys on roadbikes (let alone the tourists in minivans!) just never get to see. Marvellous.

OK, I'm tempted but why should I go with you guys?

As with our road tours, our off road guides have been riding the area for a long time and know the terrain extremely well. Notice we don’t say “like the back of their hand”. This is because it changes with the seasons. Bamboo and other fauna grow like crazy and what was a trail in February could be virtually undetectable in October. It’s not unknown for our guides to get off and machete through to the start of a trail that they know is there somewhere!

Add the fact that the guides are mechanically proficient and carry a decent toolkit and spares and you’ll understand that you’re not not going to be hanging around bored and wasting the time you’ve paid for with your hard earned cash whilst he ponders how to fix a puncture or a broken gear shaft. Nope, it’s find some shade, tools out and get on with it and get the group moving again a.s.a.p.

Our guys are also sympathetic to the fact that not everyone is a David Knight or an ex-champ trials rider and are there to assist those that struggle if they have overestimated their skillset when describing the type of terrain they’d like to ride. Indeed, many riders comment at the end of the tour that they’ve picked up useful tips and techniques whilst on tour and that they feel heaps more confident off road. Good stuff.

What about accommodation? Are we roughing it?

Absolutely not. Each afternoon we’ll leave the trails and hop onto the tarmac to get to our overnight location. We won’t bullsh*t you and say you’ll be at The Ritz but all accommodations are hand-picked for cleanliness and comfort. In addition, where possible there will be a pool.

Also, our overnight’s are generally (but not always) in or close to reasonable sized towns where there’s a variety of eateries to choose from. Again, you can draw on our guide’s experience to point you in the right direction.

Anything else I need to know before booking?

Dirt biking is for solo riders only but we can cater for non riding partners too. Each of our tours is accompanied by a luxury 4 door support truck driven by our Tourist Authority of Thailand licenced guide and is used to carry the riders luggage and bike spares. We meet at the end of every riding day at our overnight stop which means that there are limited spaces for partners or friends that don’t want to ride but would like to have a nice road tour and meet up at night.

We don’t have a fixed itinerary, rather, we run tours on demand between October and March for groups of three or more riders. If you are a solo rider, please contact us and we’ll see if we can fit you into an existing group.

To summarize:

  • Tours run between October and March for between 5 and 10 days. Variations on duration are possible for groups.
  • Bikes, fuel, helmets, insurance, English speaking guides, accommodation, lunch & snacks are all included.
  • No pillions but limited spaces available in the support truck.
  • No absolute beginners unless it’s a group then a shorter tour is recommended – talk with us.
  • Fun, friendship and a lifetime of memories guaranteed!
  • Fully licenced by the Tourist Authority of Thailand.

Check out the gallery below to see more pictures from our off road tours.


We are affiliated and bonded with the Tourist Authority of Thailand for both inbound and outbound tours and all of our tours are run within the legal guidelines of local laws and all of our bikes are insured. You’ll normally be riding with either Jeff or Duncan and be accompanied by a T.A.T licensed guide and support vehicle for your luggage (where applicable), enabling you to travel unburdened for maximum enjoyment of the routes we have chosen for you. If your partner does not wish to ride pillion there are limited seats in the support vehicle available on a first come, first served basis.

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